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Green Accommodation is an information directory about hotels, resorts and apartments in Australia that are ecologically friendly.

Green Accommodation is perfect for those who are passionate about the environment and crave an exciting eco-friendly holiday away to some of Australia's most popular destinations.

There is an accommodation option to suit every budget and every holiday, ranging from ancient landscapes to lush green rainforests.

Green Accommodation

Eco-friendly or 'green' accommodation is essential for people who want to make sure that even when they are holidaying they are taking care of the environment. With the excitement of staying in a hotel, people often forget the important tasks they usually do at home to help the environment. This is why it is a good idea to find green accommodation; the hotel staff will follow all the eco-friendly standards to conserve energy and protect the environment, and you can relax without worry on your holiday.

Visitors can help the environment in a number of ways when staying in a hotel or even when at home. Simple tasks such as turning the TV and lights off when you leave a room help conserve energy, and also helps to lower your electricity bills too! Watch out when showering; a long shower requires excessive amounts of water, and somebody staying in a hotel may not be paying attention to their time in the shower.

These are just a few tips to help the environment. Green accommodation is a smart choice in the long run; if everybody does their part, even with something as small as turning the light off, then the result is a greener earth. The Green Accommodation website is a great read for people interested in staying in green accommodation, and to learn more about looking after the environment.

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